Deimel Guitarworks

Frank Deimel has been building guitars since his early adolescence and started his professional business in 1998 in Berlin. Throughout the last decades he gathered a lot of experience by building solely custom instruments and doing repairs and modifications. Since 2007 Frank has been working with his partner Kora Jünger and the workshop moved 40 km further east from Alexanderplatz into the nature reserve area “Naturpark Märkische Schweiz”. There they have all the space and tools needed to fulfill their vision – handcrafting well designed guitars with innovative features that not only offer a great appearance, but also perfect playability and inspiring possibilities.

They are currently working more and more with local woods in close cooperation with the HNE Eberswalde (University for Sustainable Development). The woods are being given new, resistant and acoustically modified properties through specific treatment formulations, which can replace the previously valued qualities of tropical woods and other overseas woods. A "Local Wood Challenge" was launched at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 in Berlin to encourage the use of domestic and, above all, local woods, as tropical woods are becoming scarce and are increasingly governed by restrictions on trade – a trend that climate change and environmental degradation will certainly further accelerate.

Deimel also recently developed with Schneider TM a new hybrid guitar that allows the artist to create multi-layered sound textures with electronic effects and a connection to modular synthesizers.