Aino & Alvar Aalto

Designed as both a family home and an office by the architect couple Aino and Alvar Aalto in 1934 and completed in August 1936 in Helsinki, the Aalto House was decades ahead of its time, which explains the great modernity it still retains today.

Pure and warm, it is designed according to Alvar Aalto's own aesthetic, integrating the building into the landscape with perfect harmony, and giving priority to the human experience in relation to nature. The architecture favors wood and white-painted, lightly rendered brickwork, and is oriented towards the lush, green garden, while the subtle separation of private and public spaces through material choices gives the house a surprising functionality.

The Aalto house is a cosy, intimate and practical building designed by two architects for themselves and elegantly furnished in every detail.

“The ultimate goal of the architect…is to create a paradise.
Every house, every product of architecture…
should be a fruit of our endeavour to build an earthly paradise for people.”

— Alvar Aalto